Concern rises among Illinois craft brewers over proposed THC-infused drink regulations

Two bills making their way through Springfield right now are causing concern among the state's craft brewing industry. 

Both have to do with the right to make THC-infused drinks. 

The two measures could have major financial implications for breweries looking to expand their offerings post pandemic and draw in new revenue streams. 

Senate Bill 3926 would create the Hemp Consumers Products Act. 

Under the measure, brands would need retailer and processor licenses and would place new regulations on how those products could be produced and sold. 

Meanwhile, Senate Bill 0776 amends the criminal code as it relates to these products. 

Breweries argue that further regulations would only hurt their business and a revenue stream with a lot of potential. 

According to Crain's Chicago Business, Illinois has roughly 280 craft breweries across the state. 

Roughly 30 are selling THC-infused beverages and another 40 or so are developing their own versions of these types of products.