Convicted killer in murder of honors student back in custody on gun charge

It has been 10 years since Derrion Albert's life was taken. One of his four killers, the one who had been tried and convicted as a juvenile, is now inside an adult cell. It's his third felony arrest and Albert's family wants to know why.

The latest charges against Dionte Johnson claim he was in possession of a handgun. Police say they found it after a foot chase near 107th and Cottage Grove Sunday. 

It's not the first time he's been in trouble since he was released from juvenile corrections. 

He was convicted in November 2016 for aggravated fleeing from a Chicago police chase. Shortly after that, the family of Albert was told, prosecutors would not be enforcing the 30-year sentence, stemming from Albert's murder.

In 2009, the videotaped beating of the 16-year-old Albert shocked the nation. 

"My daughter is just getting around to a point where she can start to have some sense of normalcy in her life and here again, this stuff is coming up," said Norman Golliday, Albert's grandfather.

A spokeswoman for State's Attorney Kim Foxx's office says the 30-year sentence can no longer be used. When Johnson turned 21 with a clean slate, the threat of 30 years behind bars for Albert's murder essentially disappeared.

"The real truth is all we want is some peace," said Golliday. "We just want some peace. I don't want to hear about this guy anymore. I don't want to hear anything about him."

All of this is just heartbreaking for the family of Albert who says every time something comes up with Johnson, it just takes them right back to the day he died. 

If Johnson had been tried and convicted as an adult, they believe they could've had 30 years of peace.

"We agree with the bail set for the defendant in this case," said Kim Foxx in a statement Monday night.