Beware of rabid bats in Cook County: Interactive map reveals affected areas

Cook County authorities are urging residents to stay vigilant and take precautions regarding rabid bats in the area.

As a reminder to the community, they have released an interactive map highlighting locations where rabid bats have been found.

So far this year, nine cases of rabid bats have been confirmed within Cook County. This alarming trend has prompted the county to act proactively. To ensure the safety of both residents and their pets, Cook County offers a low-cost or free rabies vaccination and microchipping program for pets.

The next scheduled event for this program will be on Saturday, November 18th.

The county's advice to the public is clear: under no circumstances should individuals attempt to handle or approach any bats they encounter. Such precautions are essential to preventing potential incidents of rabies transmission, which can have serious health implications.