Cook County seeks to help those throttled by July flooding

Cook County is helping people still recovering from the flooding that drenched Chicago two months ago.

Officials held a news conference Tuesday to answer questions many are facing after historic flooding damage, particularly in the western suburbs and neighborhoods of the city.

A recent disaster declaration has now paved the way for the city to offer reduced property taxes. Commissioners walked through deadlines for submitting appeals, required forms and criteria residents need to meet, to properly file an appeal.

"The following criteria will be used in each evaluation that they submit: Physical or structural damage to the foundation or walls, damage to the flooring in the living area, central heating and air conditioning units, electrical, plumbing systems, dry wall, insulation and mold problems as well," said George A. Cardenas, chairman of the Cook County Board of Review,

Reduction value forms are due Oct. 17, the same day as assessment appeal applications.