Some cooling off at Chicago Blackhawks' Fifth Third Arena ice rinks

All the heat means the demand for ways to stay cool has skyrocketed.

"It’s really hot and I kind of like it better because it kind of cools me off," said Maia Vitoc, ice skater.

What better place to do that than at the ice hockey rink, like the Chicago Blackhawks training facility – Fifth Third Arena.

They also have teams that practice on their ice. The St. Ignatius hockey team is going through tryouts right now. Players were grateful they chose this sport and not another!

"I'm so thankful!" said Ari Ram, St. Ignatius College Prep Hockey player. "It's like half the temperature in here than it is outside."

They keep it a lovely 55-60 degrees inside, which might sound cold but on a day like Thursday, is absolutely perfect.

"The cement underneath the ice rink is kept at 19 degrees. The rink is kept at 32, right at freezing and inside, it's between 50 and 60 degrees," said Mike Lushniak, Fifth Third Arena’s Director of Business Operations.


The ice rinks at Fifth Third Arena have been staying very busy the last two days, with phones ringing off the hook of people wanting to know if they can just come in and try skating — and of course, you can!

"We have skate helpers, we have rental skates, we have helmets," said Lushniak. "So novice people, people just looking to give it a try. We have all the tools they need to give it a shot!"

The Chicago area is almost through this heatwave, but next time it’s sweltering, come over to the arena. You can rent the equipment you need and hop on the ice.