COPA finds no proof of alleged police-migrant sexual misconduct, closes investigation

Chicago's police oversight agency has closed its investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct between police officers and migrants.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability announced in a statement on Friday it had concluded its investigative efforts into officers assigned to the Chicago Police Department's 10th and 19th districts, after it failed to substantiate claims of inappropriate relationships between members of the department and new arrivals.

"At this time, there is not sufficient objective verifiable information of sexual misconduct," the statement said. "COPA has concluded its investigative efforts and the case will be closed without allegations or findings of misconduct."

On July 6, COPA received information from a city employee alleging an officer from the 10th District had sexual intercourse with an underage female migrant, resulting in her becoming pregnant. The agency also received similar claims that had allegedly occurred in the police department's 19th District.

During its investigation, the agency said it conducted searches on social media, interviewed multiple police officers, and canvassed shelters where migrants were housed, however nobody was able to identify a victim or any witnesses to the alleged misconduct.

The statement went on to say oversight officials interviewed various people who reportedly had more information about the allegations, but nobody they spoke to could offer any details.

The agency said it would re-open its investigation if it receives new evidence.