Could anti-Muslim patrols happen in Chicago area?

In the wake of bomb blasts in Brussels, a War of Words here in the United States. Republicans and Democrats are deeply divided over how to prevent another terrorist massacre in the U.S.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) wants increased police patrols and surveillance in neighborhoods where Muslims live.

Several thousand Muslims live in the area around the Al Aqsa Mosque in Bridgeview, precisely the sort of place where some presidential candidates want local police to crack down.

"It is good law enforcement to focus on where threats are emanating from and anywhere there is a locus of radicalization, where there is an expanding presence of radical Islamic terrorism," Cruz said. "We need law enforcement resources directed there."

In Bridgeview, the 35-person local police force includes two Muslim cops. The police chief claims relations are good between officers and the growing Muslim community and said he does not see evidence of young men being radicalized in Bridgeview.

"Not at all. We don't see this at all. And it has never been an issue," said Chief Walter Klimek.

It is an issue in west suburban Aurora, where the FBI last year arrested two cousins -- both graduates of West Aurora High School. Hasan Edmonds was seized as he was about to fly to the Middle East to become a killer for Islamic State. The FBI said he had declared that, if he could not get to Syria, he would "Fight and die here in the name of Allah."

Aurora Police told us no one was available to discuss the issue, but put out a written statement: "The Aurora Police are in daily communication with our county, state and federal (Homeland Security) partners and have six officers assigned to federal and state task forces."

A leader of the Council on American Islamic Relations claims patriotic Muslims help keep the whole community safe, contrary to what Ted Cruz and Donald Trump say.

"It makes it more difficult to have the community cooperate with law enforcement, in the event that there is somebody that we need to flag. Muslims have been flagging people all day long," said Ahmed Rehab of CAIR.