Cousin charged after young boy run over by car in Floyd County

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A little boy was recovering in the hospital Friday after he was run over by a car. His cousin, who was supposed to be watching him at the time, was charged in the case. Family members are calling the incident at a horrible accident with no one to blame.

The boy was brought to Floyd Medical Center where his grandmother said he is doing okay.

“I was sick all night and I ain't had no sleep or nothing just thinking about that,” said Hosea Henderson.

Henderson said it is an image he will never forget. The uncle of the boy watched as a car ran over a young child, who turned out to be his one-year-old nephew.

It happened Thursday night in front of his home on East 16th Street in Rome. His niece, Janay Shantell Collins, has since been charged with reckless conduct.

“I seen this here little baby rolling with the car, up under, seemed like the tire run over the baby,” said Henderson.

According to the police report, Janay Collins was supposed to be babysitting the little boy when she left to go to Walmart, leaving the child in her mother’s care, but police said the woman who is the boy’s aunt was intoxicated.

According to the incident report, when the officer arrived on the scene, he "observed her to be very intoxicated as she was swaying constantly and slurring her speech."

Henderson said the little boy had been jumping on a trampoline, but apparently got off and ran into the street to a car, grabbed at the passenger car door because it resembled his mother’s car. The driver apparently didn’t know and kept driving. It was Henderson who ran after the car to let the driver know what happened.

“He was bleeding out of his nose and mouth. I couldn’t stand it. It got me very upset, it did,” said Henderson.

Janya Collins was still behind bars Friday.