CPS extends free Wi-Fi access through 'Chicago Connected' program

An extension of the Chicago Public Schools’ Chicago Connected program was announced on Thursday, aiming to provide free Wi-Fi access at parks and schools across the city.

The program will serve 60 parks on the South and West sides, benefiting an estimated 40,000 CPS students. The Park District has already completed improvements at 27 of these 60 parks.

"This Wi-Fi is another important tool that will empower the people of Chicago to better engage in our communities, as well as our economy and then, of course, this will ultimately strengthen our city," said Mayor Brandon Johnson. "While the Wi-Fi is implemented within the fieldhouse buildings and outside the park spaces where residents can congregate, this, of course, will have an entire community benefit."

Organizers say the antenna signals will reach 100 to 200 yards beyond park borders, providing connectivity to nearby residents. Additionally, new digital screens and kiosks will be installed in those parks, offering information about services and public resources.