Crave dimples? Now you can have them, for just $900-1,200

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Kimberly Miles drove more than 100 miles from Columbus, Georgia, to Atlanta, in search of something she's been dreaming about for years: dimples. The real deal, just like her teenage son.

"And, I always had an urge to have dimples," says Miles.  "I always wanted dimples because my son had them.  They just brighten your face, your smile.  They just add a whole demeanor to your look."

So, Miles has turned to Dr. Andrew Jimerson II of "Dr. Curves" Plastic Surgery for a "dimpleplasty."

And, yes, there is such a thing.

"I'm looking for a deeper (dimple) look, not too big," says Miles, " Just right for my face."

The surgical dimple trend began a few years ago in Asia, and for the last few months, Dr. Jimerson says more and more patients like Miles are wanting to up their cuteness factor with surgically-created cheek indentations. Patients pay between $900 and $1,200 for a minimally-invasive, scar-less procedure that takes about 20 minutes. Kimberly Miles allowed us to sit in on her dimpleplasty.

After another plastic surgery used a marker to map out where Miles' new dimples will go, her cheeks were numbed with a local anesthetic, like the kind used by dentists. Then, Dr. Jimerson went in through her mouth and made small incisions on the inside of her cheeks. He used sutures to reach in and grab the underside of her cheek skin tissue, pulling it inward towards her mouth, and tethering it to the tissue below.

This creates a dimple on each side of her mouth that will relax and look more natural with time, Jimerson says. Still, there's a small, but very important, catch to these surgically-created dimples.

"So, I think what people really need to understand is, 'Is this dimple going to be permanent," Dr. Jimerson says.

Because, as much as Kimberly wants her new dimples, she's going to have them 24/7, for a few months.

"Initially, right after the procedure, whether you're smiling or not, you're going to have a permanent dimple," Dr. Jimerson explains. "And, this will be present for a couple of months. So you have to be very comfortable with having a permanent dimple."

And, when her procedure is over, and Kimberly Miles gets her first look in the mirror at her new dimples, she's more than comfortable. Dimples, at long last.