Crime on the mind ahead of Illinois election season

As half-a-dozen candidates vie to become governor of Illinois, as many as 18 could jump into the race for mayor of Chicago.

Rising violence across the state is a big issue in both contests.

Near North Side Ald. Brian Hopkins says he and many others are weighing whether to announce as candidates for mayor.

"I count 18. Eighteen candidates who've been approached, who've been asked about their intentions. And all 18 of them have something in common. They haven't declared their intention to run for mayor. But they haven't said ‘no’ either," Hopkins said.

Two candidates for governor of Illinois unveiled video spots this week focusing on crime and violence, Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin and tech entrepreneur Jesse Sullivan.

"Ending cash bail, sending repeat violent offenders back out onto the streets. These are actions that JB Pritzker is responsible for," Sullivan said.


In preparation for a possible campaign for mayor, former US Education Secretary Arne Duncan has already assembled an informal panel of advisors and publicly he's focusing on what he's learned working with Chicago CRED – a group seeking to persuade young men away from criminal violence.

Duncan says Chicago could learn from other big cities where violence is declining.

"St. Louis is down 25%, Dallas homicide's down 13%, Boston’s down 26%, Charlotte's down 18%. So, there's lots of places we can learn from," Duncan said.