Criminal charges filed against missing mom after she, her 3 sons located in Georgia

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Criminal charges have been filed against a 40-year-old Lake Geneva mother after she and her three sons were reported missing and then found safe in Georgia.

Michalene Melges disappeared with her three sons for nearly two weeks. The question remains, though, why? Investigators in Lake Geneva are still not getting clear answers.

"Michalene is being very vague in the information she's sharing with authorities in Georgia,” said Lieutenant Edward Gritzner of the Lake Geneva Police Department.

FOX 32 News spoke with Hans Melges, the father of the children and Michalene's ex-husband, Tuesday morning before the children were found.

“I gave her sole custody. She's a fantastic mother,” he said.

Hans didn't know why she would leave without contacting him or her parents. She was supposed to bring 14-year-old Hans, 12-year-old Kristian and 10-year-old Maverik back by May 13th.

"I got to the house. All of the drapes were pulled and a neighbor came out to tell me that they hadn't been there all week,” Hans said.

Lake Geneva police say a tip came in after someone spotted the four in Savannah, Georgia.

Detectives contacted police there, as well the local FBI, and the family was found Tuesday afternoon.

Michalene Melges is facing charges for interfering with child custody, contributing to truancy and disorderly conduct.

It’s still unclear to police why she would leave with her sons. She and her husband have a custody agreement and he says the divorce was amicable.

Lake Geneva police say they've only been called to her home once, back in April, when she was looking for an extra watch on her home.