Crooks steal wheels and tires from dozens of vehicles on dealer lot

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A Louisiana car dealership is offering a $25,000 reward to anyone who can help police find the crooks that stole the wheels and tires off 31 vehicles parked in its lot.

Matt Bowers Chevrolet in Slidell was hit early on Saturday morning when thieves took out one of its surveillance cameras and dimmed the lights on a section of the property.

According to Slidell police, two black men were caught on another camera cutting the locks on a gate and letting a U-Haul in just after 3 a.m. The same vehicle can be seen leaving around 40 minutes later.

Police suspect that unseen accomplices had been working on the grounds for hours removing 124 wheels and tires worth $120,000 from the cars and trucks, most of which were left propped up on blocks. Locals spotted the odd sight over the weekend and started sharing images on social media.

Investigators are working under the theory that the thieves were from out of state, after discovering similar recent incidents in Oklahoma and Texas.

At a police press conference, Matt Bowers said the community’s trust has been violated and that he’ll go to whatever lengths necessary to help police bring the criminals to justice.

“We’re not going to stop pursuing these individuals until I’m taking a selfie in front of them as they’re making their perp walk, and I’ll put it on Twitter when it’s done,” Bowers said.

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