Daley brothers discuss new Chicago mayor, potential tax increases

They are members of one of Chicago's first families of politics.

Former White House Chief of Staff William Daley and his brother, Cook County Commissioner John Daley, have more than a combined century of experience between them. 

John Daley served on the board with now-Mayor Brandon Johnson and said he is optimistic about how Johnson will run the office.

"He has, I hope, the ability to bring the Council together, not only the Council but the city of Chicago," he said.

Johnson campaigned on a pledge to increase spending on social services and new taxes and fees.


William Daley, now working in New York as a top executive at Wells Fargo Bank, cautions that such big tax increases can sometimes have unintended consequences.

"Today, very different than 50 years ago," said William. "Companies can go and do, move anywhere. Boeing came and went. So, so a mayor, any elected official in an executive position has got to understand that the quote, business community, however you want to define that, and some people define that in a very negative way, but they do provide the economic engine that moves Chicago."

Johnson's City Council reorganization plan did create a new committee that is supposed to recommend specific tax and fee increases. 

The full interview with William and John Daley will air at 9 p.m. Friday on Flannery Fired Up.