Dallas anti-Trump rally compares GOP frontrunner to Hitler

Hispanic groups raised their voices against GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and his proposed immigration policy at a Dallas City Hall rally on Monday.

The anti-Donald Trump Labor day rally outside city hall was completely in Spanish and called "Un Dia Sin Trump" -- a day without Trump.

Facebook flyers pushed the event and pushed the envelope as well, comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler.

“Obviously Donald Trump didn’t massacre or execute six million Jews. But he's trying to cleanse America of 11 million immigrants and to us that is reminiscent of an Adolf Hitler,” said Carlos Quintanilla of Accion America.

Trump has not been politically correct and his talk has been no-holds barred tough, propelling him to the top of the polls.

“About half of that 25 to 30 percent poll number that he has nationally and in some states -- half of that is people who specifically want him to be president and thats still a pretty high amount,” said talk show host Mark Davis. “The other half are people who are just loving the ride.”

At the Dallas County Democratic Party Labor Day picnic, they planned to break a Trump pinata.

“I think Donald Trump is a runaway train and unfortunately it has no conductor,” said Carol Donovan. “His campaign manager has resigned and the Republican Party can’t seem to get ahead of him to steer him in the right direction.”