Deer struck by a car left injured in front yard

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Residents in an Atlanta neighborhood rallied to help a deer left injured in the front yard Tuesday night.

The mature buck drew a crowd as a frustrated homeowner waited more than 12 hours to get any response from government officials to help the deer. Michael Russell, the homeowner, said he was unable to communicate a sense of urgency in repeated phone calls for help.

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Russell said he tried his best to help the deer. He said he grabbed a bucket, filled it with water and provided a drink for the deer which was unable to stand or move its limbs.



Animal welfare advocate Anna Ware called FOX 5 News. The Fulton County Chairman was involved in the incident by late afternoon. Eventually, county and state authorities brought a wooded cage to transport the deer to a vet to see if the buck could be saved. If not, the deer will have to be put down.



Fulton's Oliver Delk said he will ask for a review of what should be done when wildlife is injured in an urban area and what can be done to respond faster.