Delphi murders: Indiana police reportedly connect inmate to fake profile in killings of 2 young girls

A possible break in the Delphi, Indiana murder case of two young girls is now public.

A pair of podcasters obtained transcripts of a police interview with a man associated with the case.


The interview was conducted in 2020 with a man who is currently in jail, facing 30 counts of child solicitation, child exploitation and possession of child porn. His name is Kegan Kline.

Up until this interview with Kline, police had a grainy photo of a man, along with an audio recording, taken by one of the girls the day they were killed.

Photo on left of suspect in Delphi murders case | Photo on right of Kegan Kline

Liberty German, 14, and 13-year-old Abigail Williams were found murdered on February 14, 2017, in Delphi, Indiana.

Recently, Indiana State Police released images associated with the social media account "anthony_shots." The man in the images, police said, is not associated with the case.

However, police have reportedly connected Kline to the account and according to the hosts of the Murder Sheet podcast — who obtained the transcripts — this is what police found.

"A friend of Liberty German's told police that Liberty was very interested in Anthony Shots. In fact, they used the word, she was enthralled with him," said Kevin Greenlee. "This friend said that Liberty was very anxious, very interested in meeting him in person, so that was one of my big takeaways from this."


"For me, it's a matter of this Anthony Shots profile, whoever was manning it. Police say in the interview that the Anthony Shots profile was communicating with Libby very shortly before her murder," Aine Cain said.

Police believe two different individuals were using the "anthony_shots" account to communicate with young girls.

In a jailhouse interview, Kline reportedly claimed his father also had access to the account.

Indiana State Police issued a statement on the podcast's findings on Friday: "We are aware ‘The Murder Sheet’ has released a transcript. That information did not come from the Indiana State Police. Out of respect to this being an ongoing investigation, we have no further comment and respectfully decline to do an interview."