Podcasters following 2017 Delphi murders receive tip on search of riverbed

Two ‘True Crime’ podcasters, who have been closely following the 2017 murders of two Indiana girls, got an anonymous tip about a riverbed search.

The search may indicate that authorities are zeroing in on a former local resident.

Liberty German, 14, and 13-year-old Abigail Williams were found murdered on Feb. 14, 2017, in Delphi, Indiana.

This past week, Áine Cain and Kevin Greenlee of the "Murder Sheet" podcast revealed photo evidence they believe indicates police are starting to zero in on an Indiana man already in custody on child pornography charges.

"They had buckets, they had spades, they had things that we believe could have been metal detectors, so they were looking for something there," said Cain.

Last Tuesday, Cain and Greenlee got several different anonymous tips that Indiana State Police were searching the Wabash River near Peru, Indiana. 

That is roughly 40 miles away from Delphi where the murders took place, but just a few miles from where Kegan Kline once lived.  

Kline was arrested two years ago on child pornography charges, but is believed to have communicated with victim German through a fake social media account shortly before the girls were killed.


"Since Kegan Kline was arrested back in August of 2020 he has been kept in the custody of the Miami County Sheriff's Department," said Greenlee. "And just about the time this search began, there was paperwork filed which put him temporarily in the custody of the Indiana State Police. It's very interesting that that would happen just about the time that this search begins."

As soon as the tips about the search came in, Greenlee and Cain drove to Peru, where they captured several images of law enforcement combing the Wabash, right near a bridge.

"Peru, Indiana is where Kegan Kline lived, in fact this bridge is only a few miles away from where he lived with his father," said Greenlee.

Indiana State Police have not confirmed the search to be related to the Delphi Murders, and while Kline has been a focal point of the murder investigation, he has not been named a suspect.