Dixmoor's main water line restored after break caused low pressure across village

The village of Dixmoor dealt with more water woes Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Mayor Fitzgerald Roberts said the main water line feeding all the water mains in Dixmoor broke, leading to low pressure throughout the village.

The break occurred on Spaulding Avenue and has been isolated. However, because it is the main water line, Dixmoor’s water reservoir has been drained, leaving most of the community with low water pressure.

The main water line was repaired Wednesday morning and full water service was restored, according to village officials.

A boil water order has not been issued in Dixmoor.

"Water pressure is back to normal throughout the whole community," Dixmoor Mayor Fitzgerald Roberts said. "There were some reports online about a possible water main break at the Smith Mobile Home Park that likely contributed to low water pressure there. The bottom line is we need to get more funding to permanently fix these problems. We are spending a lot of time and using up a lot of resources to constantly keep repairing these lines. These old pipes are just wearing out. The long-term solution we need is to replace the old pipes with new pipes."

The broken pipe is one of many scheduled to be replaced using state grant money.

Dixmoor has seen numerous water main breaks over the past few years. The community usually comes together to help one another out during the breaks, providing water bottles to those who need it.