Dixmoor water turned off again, second time in March for the Cook County suburb

Water has been shut off in part of suburban Dixmoor, again. 

According to a news release from the village, a water main break has caused the eastern part of the town to have no water. 

The burst happened to a water main on 142nd and Winchester Street, according to Village President Fitzgerald Roberts.


The village is working to return water service later today, but for the time being the entire eastern half of Dixmoor is without water while the water main is being repaired, the release states. 

"We hope to have this situation resolved by early evening," Roberts said. "We are working hard to fix the break so that we can get water service back on as soon as possible."

This is the second time in March that Dixmoor has had to repair a water main break that resulted in no water. 

On March 6, a water leak on Spaulding Street resulted in low water pressure in most of Dixmoor. 

In October, the village went days with 'virtually no water pressure' after a pipe burst.