Dog left in hot car while owner goes to Six Flags White Water

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Marietta Police said a woman left her dog in the car while she and her family were at Six Flags White Water. Someone spotted the animal and flagged down security. 

Police said it was 90-plus degrees outside, and much hotter in the car.

"The temperature ranged from 109 to 126 degrees," said Marietta Police Officer Chuck McPhilamy. 

The window was slightly cracked. Six Flags White Water staff members were able to get the car open and rescue the dog before it was too late.  

Police said the dog's owner told them she planned to periodically check on her pet. Police issued her a citation. 

Police said all of this could have been avoided. If a dog owner shows up at Six Flags White Water with their pet, the staff recommends they board the animal at a vet clinic nearby while the family enjoys the park. 

Marietta Police said if you see a pet in a hot car and you don't think there's time to wait for police to arrive, and you have to break a window to save the animal, there's a good chance you won't get in trouble. 

"Here in Marietta if you're the person who broke the window and then called the police to basically report yourself for breaking that window, you did the right thing trying to protect that animal.  All things being unique, by and large, we're not going to issue you a ticket or take any action against you," said Officer McPhilamy. 

Officer McPhilamy added that if possible it is best to wait for police because they can better build a case against the dog owner and determine if there should be charges.