Dog thrown from car recovering at Atlanta animal shelter

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A pit bull that was thrown from a car in Fairburn on Wednesday is recovering at Fulton County Animal Control Services Atlanta facility.

Field Service Director Tim Poorman described the dog's injuries. "Maggie's got some open wounds and some scarring on her that's infected."

WATCH: A man describes finding Maggie Mae after being tossed from a car

Poorman isn't sure how the dog they call Maggie Mae was injured. Otis North believes the animal was being used for dog fighting.  He says a man drove onto his property on Chestnut Street in Fairburn on Wednesday, and tossed the dog out of his vehicle.

"I'm still rattled over it now I couldn't understand it. Like I told the police officer when she come out, I couldn't understand it."

North said the dog seemed badly injured, was bloody, looked like it was in a dogfight, and had a long chain and lock around its neck.

"With all the scars on him, looked like he had just been in a fight. You could see the blood on him, still raw."

Maggie Mae appeared listless and remained in North's yard overnight. The next morning, North realized the dog's owner wasn't coming back for her so he called Fulton Animal Control.

North says, "I didn't call ‘til the next day. I was hoping he would come back and get her. I figured. My mind kept telling me he might come back and get her. I was hoping that anyway."

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