Downtown under fire: Chicago weekend violence escalates

Bullets were flying in the heart of the Loop this weekend.

It was a violent weekend in Chicago, with more than 50 people shot.


On Monday, it was quiet at the intersection of Wacker and Wabash downtown. However, over the weekend at the same location was a different story.

On Sunday morning, the road was blocked off with more than 20 evidence markers on the ground. Chicago police say gunshots rang out about 2 a.m. in the 200 block of North Wabash.

Police say one person was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the back and at the time was reported to be in critical condition.

No one is in custody, but police are investigating.

Over the weekend, more than 50 people were shot in Chicago and five people died.

On Monday, Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown addressed the city's gun violence.

"Much of the violence we see in Chicago is about the gang cultures revenge, retaliation and street justice. Street justice will never yield peace," he said.

Police crime statistics show that four of the shooting victims this weekend were juveniles.