Dozens of Southwest flights canceled at Midway due to computer outage

A computer outage on Tuesday caused long lines at Southwest ticket counters across the country.

The airline had to cancel hundreds of flights.

It was the second technical issue in less than 24 hours for the airline, but by Tuesday night, a Southwest spokesperson said they were "resuming normal operations."


At Chicago’s Midway International Airport, there were 68 canceled Southwest flights Tuesday and another 195 delayed.

The spokesperson said they canceled around 500 flights nationwide due to the technical issue that occurred Tuesday.

The issues come when travel is just starting to pick back up and people are feeling more and more comfortable with flying.

One woman was flying from Arizona to Michigan. She got up at 3 a.m. and her flight was delayed getting to Chicago. Since then, she has been waiting for her connecting flight that has been canceled and delayed three times.

"This is my first visit to them in over two years and it's starting like this? But it's going to get better. I just don’t want to sleep in the airport," she said.