Drone video of alleged animal abuse prompts agreement between Will County, Horseman Association's Club

A new agreement has been made between Will County and the Horseman Association's Club after drone videos surfaced and allegedly showed inhumane practices at a number of rodeos.

Last month, a pair of animal rights groups turned over the drone footage to authorities. 

"We can put this drone up over this field, and we can see exactly what’s going on inside," said Steve Hindi, showing us a large drone in the back of his vehicle.  

Hindi is part of a group called SHARK, which stands for Showing Animals Respect and Kindness. For the past year or so, Hindi and other animal rights activists have been using drones to document private rodeos being held in Will County, Boone County and other parts of northern Illinois.

Video captured a couple of weeks ago in Will County allegedly showed rodeo riders beating their horses.

Will County and the Horseman Association Club have now agreed to the following terms:

  • Will County will get a verified complaint on file by Sept. 11, 2023.
  • The Horseman Association's Club to dismiss the complaint is withdrawn.
  • The Horseman Association's Club agrees to refrain from all animal abuse, including horse tripping and degloving.
  • The parties agree to no drones flying over the rodeo property.
  • The Horseman Association's Club must have a veterinarian on site starting Sept. 17, 2023.