Edible 'burrito tape' created by Johns Hopkins students

Are you sick and tired of your burrito falling apart on you, spilling all your tasty ingredients? 

Have no fear - cue burrito tape! 

A group of female chemical and biomolecular engineering students at Johns Hopkins University recently unveiled a mouthwatering invention they're calling Tastee Tape. 

It's an edible adhesive that touts it will keep the ingredients inside burritos, gyros, and really any kind of wrap. 

Tastee Tape debuted just a few weeks ago for their senior design project as part of the Whiting School of Engineering’s Design Day.

"Design Day is an exciting landmark in our students’ journeys from studying engineering in the classroom and laboratory to becoming practicing engineers heading out to make a lasting and positive impact on our world," dean Ed Schlesinger said in a statement.

The tape is clear, but it was dyed blue for demonstrations.

Because the team is currently applying for a patent, they weren't able to dish out the details of their secret recipe.