Election officials say voter turnout has been 'incredible' in Chicago

Election officials say voter turnout so far has been incredible, with 14,000 residents having already submitted their vote at the Loop supersite.

Some voters said nothing would stop them from casting their ballot.

“This is the most important election perhaps since the Civil War,” said Congressman Chuy Garcia.


Olive-Harvey College on Chicago’s South Side is among 50 locations citywide to host early voting. 

Some folks waited in line for five hours on Wednesday with face masks and social distancing.

Residents say too much is at stake.

“It’s very important because of the healthcare program, different things about the pandemic,” said one resident, Commie Evans.

“Whatever happens, it’s gone impact everybody, left or right,” said another resident, Darrell Perkins. 

Board of Election officials say technical glitches at a few polling sites prolonged the process.

Authorities say those issues were quickly resolved. 

The biggest complaint was that seniors had to endure the long lines with no special accommodations. 

“The only thing I’m a little bit upset with is we have a lot of elderly people out here. They’re in wheel chairs, don’t feel well,” said another resident Johnnie Thompson. 


With 120,000 mail-in ballots already received, Cook county officials anticipate a large voter turnout this presidential election.

Sharon Overton is grateful to have already played her part.

“I’m just happy and honored that I was able to vote. All young people come out and vote, vote, vote.”