'Empire' looking for talent in Chicago

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The next singing superstar on Fox's hit show Empire might be right here in Chicago.

The Empire Audition Bus rolled in to the city this weekend, screening talent for the upcoming season of the show.  Singers 18 and older were eligible to try out.

"I'm really nervous, but I'll get through it," said Tatonisha Smith of Chicago as she waited her turn to try out. 

"I've been practicing all day and all night so I hope I sound great," said Victoria Harris who traveled from Memphis, Tennessee to audition.

Those eligible for the audition boarded the bus and reviewed several hit songs from Empire.  They were escorted one by one into a recording booth to sing their selected song acapella.

Anastasia Kouriatova is traveling with the bus, to 15 cities, looking for a star.

"The show is filmed here.  It would make 100 percent sense to get some local talent on the show so fingers crossed we find a Chicago star," said Kouriatova.

One lucky winner will be chosen for a walk on role.  They will tape the scene in Chicago with some of the show's biggest stars. 

"I think I should be casted, I'm pretty sure," said KenDalla Rue of Chicago before he stepped into the booth.

We will see who makes the cut very soon.

Empire Season 2 premieres Wednesday, September 23rd on Fox.