Evanston officials call off recovery efforts for missing swimmer

The search for a man who went missing while swimming at Evanston's Lighthouse Beach over the weekend has hit a standstill. 

The video above is from a previous report on July 1. 

A 41-year-old man was swimming with three others at the beach on Sunday afternoon around 4 p.m. when he went under and never resurfaced. 

The Evanston Fire Department said they suspended their "recovery efforts" as of 2:30 p.m. Monday after divers exhausted all areas of search.

More than 10 agencies assisted the fire and water rescue personnel with their search Sunday night and Monday morning. 

Fire officials said they would continue to search the shoreline and lake surface Tuesday, with the assistance of lifeguards. 

The three other swimmers who were with the victim – a woman and two teenage girls – were also struggling to swim, but were rescued by a bystander. 

Lighthouse Beach was under a Red Flag Alert on Sunday, meaning water conditions were deemed "dangerous" and swimming was not permitted, according to the fire department. Lifeguards were also not on duty.

Evanston fire officials urged beachgoers to look for signs and flags and to note when lifeguards are not on duty. They also remind swimmers that rip currents are dangerous and not always obvious.

A red, yellow, or green flag will be visible at all swimming beaches to indicate daily water conditions.