What does it mean for trees when leaves change colors?

It has been fall since 8:04 p.m. Thursday.

There is already pumpkin spice flavored stuff everywhere, and Halloween candy on store shelves.

Another sign of fall, of course, is fall colors on trees.

But – there is a mystery scientists are still trying to figure out, which is, what does it mean for the tree?


"Fall is such a mystery, it is so complicated to figure out when the best color is going to be, and then what it means for the tree," said Dr. Christy Rollinson, Forest Ecologist at the Morton Arboretum. "We know that it's getting nutrients back from the leaves, but we don't yet know what that means for tree health going into next year." 

The Morton Arboretum in Lisle is hosting a series of fall events they're calling the "Fall Colors Festival" throughout next month.

Information and tickets are on their website.