Family, friends gather to remember intern killed in Aurora workplace shooting

CHICAGO (Fox 32 News) - Family and friends gathered Wednesday to remember Trevor Wehner -- an intern killed on his first day at work in the Aurora shooting.

Trevor's loss took a child away from both parents and a brother from his four siblings. He loved to play sports, but we've learned so much more.

“Nobody ever had anything bad to say about him. It was always about sports and 'oh Trevor did this,'” Hannah Bolin said.

Trever was just 21. He was the youngest victim of Friday’s deadly mass shooting.

“I saw his girlfriend’s post on Facebook. My heart dropped,” said Corren Bolin.

“He was always polite and upbeat and in a good mood, just someone you really want to be around,” Ryan Schalk said.

Mourners walked through the wet, the cold and the wind to offer a hurting family comforting words.

In the small community of 3,000 people, everybody knows everybody, and everybody remembers the kid with the smile.

“Everyone, even in surrounding areas and surrounding cities just knew him and what kind of person he was and how good he was for the community,” said Schalk.

Visitations for shooting victims Vincente Juarez and Russell Beyer are set for Thursday, and their funerals are Friday morning.