Family of woman killed by Dolton police files lawsuit: 'They hid the truth for days'

A lawsuit was filed Wednesday in the fatal police-involved shooting of a Dolton woman in 2019.

Cara Wilson, the mother of the woman shot by Dolton Police said she avoids the street where her daughter encountered police, but she came outside Baba's Restaurant to announce a federal lawsuit has been filed.

Alexis Wilson, 19, was in the drive-thru of the restaurant in July 2021 when police were called. 

Dolton police released video of the incident showing Alexis Wilson hitting the drive-thru window with an object. Police ordered her out of the car, and she is heard telling them she is not dressed. 

Police opened the doors of the car and Alexis Wilson drove away, in fear, according to her mother. That's when Dolton police started shooting.


Alexis Wilson was pronounced dead at the scene

Her family said authorities lied to them.

"Dolton police, from day one, came to my door and lied to me," Cara Wilson said. "They misled our family. They hid the truth for days. We found out what they suspected happened watching the news. Not by a phone call. Not by a discussion with her parents. Watching the news."

Cara Wilson said her daughter’s death is the most horrific thing a parent can experience and she claims the police and mayor of Dolton lied to her, calling Alexis a criminal.

"This department was trying to cover up some bad officers, and I believe we're also going to go in to the history of these officers, what they've done prior to this incident, what they've done since this incident," Gregory Kulis, Wilson’s attorney, said. 

Last year, police expressed condolences for the family.

The family said Alexis Wilson’s attempt to drive away did not warrant use of deadly force. They are suing two police officers and the Village of Dolton.