Family thanks Delta flight attendant for her kindness

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A family traveling through Atlanta takes to social media to commend the actions of a Delta flight attendant.

The Redding family said the attendant's actions in their moment of helplessness shows people can be kind and compassionate, all you need is to show grace.

Sonja Redding told FOX 5 News pictures she posted on her Facebook page have forever changed her outlook on people and their unequivocal ability to show kindness to mere strangers.

The Redding family was heading home to Nebraska after spending a week in Washington, D.C. where they visited the National Institute of Health for a research study about a rare and potentially life-threatening disease both of their kids have.

It was also there where doctors diagnosed their 5-year-old son, Xayvior with autism.

Redding said as soon as the plane started takeoff, Xayvior had a meltdown.

Delta flight attendant Amanda Amburgy saw the little boy's mood shift and as soon as it was safe, she got up to try and help, eventually offering to take him for a walk. While Redding was hesitant, she didn’t stop the attendant.

Redding said in that instant she got some relief. Not only could she take a breath but it was a break from all the dagger eyes she said she got from fellow passengers not understanding her son's condition.

That one act of kindness from a complete stranger has her not only sharing her message on social media but to anyone who will listen.

As for Amburgy, she said kids have and will always be her favorite passengers.