Father of 2 shot and killed

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CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -- A Chicago family is trying to understand why someone killed their loved one Sunday morning in the North Lawndale neighborhood.  Fredrick Blount, 32, was shot in the head just after 1am, near 13th street and South Central Park Avenue.

Police say he is not connected to any gangs or gang activity. His family told FOX 32 Chicago he’s never been a troublemaker and he dedicated his life to family and work. 

“He was a wonderful person he as a family guy always outgoing,” said his cousin Octavia Blount.

Police were called to the scene shortly after the shooting, but not in time – Blount died at the scene.

“I know he's still here watching over us,” said his sister Donisha Blount. “I will never forget him, never.”

Sunday afternoon his family tried to wrap their minds around what had happened.

Donisha said it's hard to believe the violent nature of Chicago has hit so close to home.

“I don't know what to do, this world is evil,” she said, who explained her brother was a fun loving, caring and compassionate man.

“He made everything into a joke and he loved to buy everybody everything, take everybody out and pay for everything he did all he can for us,” said the big sister.

They grew up in North Lawndale and went to George W. Collins high school, there Blount was a good student. 

“He was determined to be somebody, he was determined that he would not be a statistic,” said family member and schoolteacher Ms. Johnson.

Blount ended up going into construction - a field he was passionate about. Donisha said her little brother was an inspiration and also chasing his dreams.

“He always went after what he wanted and he always told me to go after what I want,” she remembered. “Always let me know I was intelligent, ‘Don’t stop, keep going, no matter if it get hard.’”

Police are still investigating this shooting. If you know anything about this case call Chicago Police.