Florida man dodges lovebugs trying to get into his house

Lovebugs are starting to get to everyone in Florida, including a man in Palm Bay. 

Devirus Pollard, who goes by "Devi Dev" on Facebook, posted video of himself battling the lovebugs swarming as he tried to get into the house, even dodging them like Neo in "The Matrix." 

The hilarious video has been seen more than two million times since he posted it May 6. 

The lovebugs began their annual swarm in April and they travel solo or stuck to their partner. They're also terrible for your car's paint job.

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Some people have blamed the scientists at the University of Florida as the creators of the lovebug, but that is a myth. Those bugs are not native to Florida at all.

“Contrary to popular belief, the University of Florida did not introduce the love bug to the state,” according to the school’s website.

Lovebugs originated from Central America. They migrated through Texas and Louisiana before making their way to Florida. Now, they are expanding, and can be found as far north as South Carolina. 

But UF scientists say they seem to love Florida the most.