'Flyboy' at Navy Pier: Chicago artist opens new exhibition

A Chicago artist is encouraging kids to reach for the stars with a new Navy Pier exhibition.

You've probably seen his work before. Hebru Brantley is known for his "Flyboy" character. Well now, it's larger than life.

The Flyboy sculpture at Navy Pier stands 16-feet tall and welcomes visitors to the Art Studio Space at the Chicago Children's Museum.

Inside, the walls are covered with images of Flyboy, offering inspiration to kids who can create and display their own stories.

The large statue is called the "great debate."


"I think over the past two years as a country, as a community, we've gone through a great deal of many issues and problems but we're here. We're still standing strong and I think I wanted to do something that sort of provoked that spirit of being unyielding, standing your ground, standing firm," said Brantley.

Flyboy is Brantley's interpretation of a Tuskegee airman. The brother to the Chicago sculpture is located in New York City's Battery Park.