Flyers circulated by KKK in south suburb prompt police investigation

Flyers touting the Ku Klux Klan have been turning up in Tinley Park.  On Sunday, city officials and religious leaders told racists they are not welcome in the community.
About 15 flyers were found in a concentrated area last weekend.

The flyers were found on lawns on 71st street, stretching from 173rd place to 175th street.  They were put into plastic bags and weighted down with gravel.

Police are speaking with residents - trying to find out who's behind them.

The headline read "White Pride Doesn't Mean Hate.”  They displayed a symbol from the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and directed readers to call a phone number to get involved.

Officials in Tinley Park, including the village mayor and police chief, addressed the incidents Sunday.
“My direct feelings were that the entire scenario is flat out disgusting and evil,” said Mayor Jacob Vandenberg. “Tinley Park is a welcoming, safe, diverse and thriving community and we have zero tolerance for bigotry and evilness.”
The villages interim police chief promised an investigation is underway, possibly with criminal charges.

“It could range from littering to disorderly conduct to a hate crime. It just would depend on the facts of the case,” said interim police chief, Charles Faricelli.

Similar fliers from another Ku Klux Klan group were distributed around Christmas in 2013.

The Beverly Patch reports fliers were also found Wednesday in Mount Greenwood.