Former classmate of Robert Crimo describes suspected Highland Park gunman

We're learning more and more about the suspected gunman in the Highland Park massacre.

What was he like as a kid? Were there any warning signs?

FOX 32's Corey McPherrin spoke to Gracie Sclamberg — a young woman who went to school with the suspect from the age of five all the way through high school.


"I have memories of him being really distant and cold if anybody did try to talk to him. Showing up late for class. Not listening to teachers. He had a dark mind and had been obsessed with guns and weaponry since I was really young. And would doodle weapons on his notebook and that was something a friend brought to my attention the other day that is a scary, maybe warning sign," Sclamberg said.

When she heard the news that Crimo was allegedly the gunman, she says sadly she was not shocked.

"I am speaking for myself there, but I do not think it would even be any what of an assumption to say that a lot of other people had very similar responses … that we were not surprised," Sclamberg said.

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Sclamberg — who's a rising Senior at the University of Michigan — said while it's important to learn about potential warning signs the suspected shooter may have shown, she hopes the main focus moving forward is on the victims and their families.