Former Illinois tech CEO pleads guilty in Capitol riot case

A man whose role in the U.S. Capitol riot caused his firing at an Illinois tech company pleaded guilty Tuesday to a misdemeanor.

Bradley Rukstales, 53, of Inverness threw a chair while inside the Capitol on Jan. 6, investigators said.

The Donald Trump supporter pleaded guilty to willfully demonstrating and picketing inside the Capitol, the Chicago Tribune reported. Rukstales was fired as president and CEO of Cogensia, a Schaumburg-based tech company, after being charged.

"I condemn the violence and destruction that took place," Rukstales said. "It was the single worst personal decision of my life; I have no excuse for my actions and wish that I could take them back."

His sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 12. At least 13 Illinoisans have been charged in Washington.