Former judge sentenced to probation for ordering man to be shocked in court

A former Maryland judge has been sentenced to anger management classes and a $5,000 fine after he ordered a defendant to be physically shocked in his courtroom. According to Fox 5, Robert C. Nalley has pleaded guilty to a civil rights violation and will also spend a year on probation.

Disturbing video shows the scene play out in court. Delvon King was representing himself and reading from a document when the judge lost patience and told a deputy to activate a “stun-cuff” attached to his ankle, officials say. He fell to the ground screaming as he received an electric shock for about five seconds.

Paul Wagner reported: “Judge Robert Nalley says he ‘made an error in judgment.’ Prosecutors call the judge’s order ‘highly disproportionate’ for nothing more than verbal interruptions, while King called what happened to him ‘torture.’”

Nalley did not apologize at a court hearing for his actions. “There was no justice here today,” King told a reporter afterward.



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