FOX 32 Chicago bids farewell to TV legend Corey McPherrin

He's witnessed the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, from both the sports chair and the news chair.

Now, FOX 32’s Corey McPherrin anchored his last show Friday night. We take a look back at his storied career.

"Here’s to you Corey, from Hillcrest High School to New Orleans, you’ve been a credit to the industry and I’m proud to call you friend, like all of us," said Chuck Davidson, CBS photographer.

He’s had a familiar face and perspective in Chicago for more than two decades.

"Aye Corey, I can’t believe you’re retiring. I thought you retired years ago after I left Chicago," joked AJ Pierzynski, former White Sox catcher.

The same guy you see on TV, he’s that and more in person. Funny, compassionate, always tuned in and homegrown.

"The pride and joy of Hillcrest High School, Markham, Illinois, you are the man," said Lou Canellis, fellow FOX 32 colleague and friend.

"Good luck in the next adventure. It’s so exciting you get to call your own shot here, but remember, it’s time to put the makeup away," joked Bob Vorwald, journalist.


Corey’s TV career began in the late 1970s, first in Davenport, Iowa. He also worked at news stations in New Orleans, Denver, and Atlanta.

"Corey it’s been such a privilege working with you. You just make every day so fun. You know how much I’m going to miss you," said Marissa Rubino, FOX 32 producer.

"I’ve learned a ton from you, I know everyone around me has, you’re going to be sorely missed," said FOX 32 anchor and reporter Anthony Ponce.

In 1984, Corey became the top sports anchor at WABC in New York City. In 1991, he made it back home to Chicago. Then, in 1995, Corey joined WFLD FOX 32 as our lead sports anchor.

"There’s not too many that live their dream and you did it, 30 years, so proud of you," said Tim Morris.

Career highlights include reporting on the field in Houston in 2005 when his beloved White Sox won the World Series. Corey transitioned from sports to news in 2010 and became evening anchor in 2017.

"We’ve been partners for 13 years now, so I’m very sad to see you go but I also know you’re going to have such a great time in retirement and spend time doing all the things you love," said FOX 32 anchor Dawn Hasbrouck.

"The energy you bring each and every day is so positive to the newsroom, its undeniable, thank you for taking me under your wing since day one," said FOX 32 chief meteorologist Emily Wahls.

A mentor and ambassador for students at Butler University, a TV legend, but friend and dad are his best titles. Corey takes great pride in being a family man.

"We’re going to miss your passion, sense of humor, on behalf of all of us, Congratulations," said FOX 32 news director Matt Piacente.