Frankfort family transforms historic bank into The Candle Vault

A priceless old building in Frankfort has been brought back to life with its wealth of history taking the community down memory lane.  

Built in 1885, Frankfort's Citizens Bank is a pillar of the community. A pillar that no one wanted. 

"The building had been empty for almost 30 years. It was bad. It was kind of a junk shop, the roof was kind of peeling and the one side window was kind of broken," said Jerry Pinotti.  

He toured the old bank when he saw a "for sale" sign in the window and was looking for a building to host his daughter's candle shop.  

"We just wanted an environment where the history of the bank building in Frankfort is combined with creativity. So kind of a space where history meets creativity," said Jerry's daughter, Alex Masterson.  

With the help of handy cousin Joey, who restored the building to its former glory, the reconstruction took three years.

"The floor is original, the ceiling is original, the front window, the door, the woodwork, the vault is original," said Jerry.   

Since its debut in September, The Candle Vault has drawn community members who aren't only interested in the unique pour-your-own candle bar.

"Probably one of my favorite stories is I actually had a gentleman in here right after we opened who cashed his first check in this bank," said Alex.  

It's living history, unlocking memories of the past.  

"Nobody wanted to take this building and gut it and make something else. This building was tender loving care from day one and the more you see it, people started to say wow you're really bringing something back to life that was gone," said Jerry.  

The Candle Vault is located at 114 Kansas Street in downtown Frankfort. It's open Wednesday through Sunday. But you're encouraged to book your seat ahead of time.