Future brother-in-law surprises groom in wedding dress


A future brother-in-law tried to calm the groom’s wedding day jitters with some humor.

Valentin and Heidi Zherelyev are now husband and wife in Tucson, Arizona, but before the ceremony, the future groom was pretty stressed on their June 30th wedding day.

Heidi thought Valentin needed some help to relax. So with the help of her brother, Eric Dodd, and friend, Chelsea, they pulled a humorous stunt and had Eric put on a friend’s old wedding dressed for the first look photo shoot. 

The stunt worked like a charm with Valentin breaking out in laughter when he saw Eric, and the emotions were let loose. The wedding photographer, Nichole Cline, shared the images on Facebook, and she her eyes watered from laughing as she took the shots.