Gas prices jump in Chicago area as summer nears

When the temperatures go up, gas prices tend to follow and you've probably noticed prices at the pump have jumped over the past couple weeks.

Mike Peavy is gassing up his cab and it's a pain in the wallet.

Indeed, gas prices have shot up about 30-cents a gallon over the past two weeks, partly because of the new summer fuel mix and partly due to demand.

The average price for regular in Illinois is now $3.04 a gallon. That's the highest memorial day price since 2014.

"Remember those cheap gasoline prices? Well, they're gonna be a distant memory,” said Phil Flynn.

Gas industry analyst Phil Flynn says prices are likely to climb a few more pennies into the Memorial Day weekend and stay high this summer.

"We're really seeing prices stay above three dollars a gallon. We could get as high as $3.50 if there's disruption in the Middle East,” Flynn said.

That has some drivers we talked to looking for options.

"I'm definitely having to drive less because of gas prices,” one man said.

Flynn says while gas prices may be a pain, they carry some good news. Demand is up because the economy is humming and that's a good thing.