Goats break into Alabama church

(Autauga County Sheriff's Office )

Deputies in Alabama said those responsible for a break-in at a church this week were some real animals.

The Bible reads "He will set the sheep on His right hand, but the goats on the left," but unlike the verse from the Gospel of Matthew, there were no sheep at the Bethesda Church on Wednesday.

The Autauga County Sheriff's Office said they got an alarm call at the church located off County Road 33. When they arrived, deputies found the front glass door smashed in.


(Autauga County Sheriff's Office )

The deputies entered the church and began to search for culprits which ended up being goat that had gotten out of their nearby pen.

The goats apparently entered two by two into the church and found their way into the kitchen.


(Autauga County Sheriff's Office )

"Goats need Jesus too," the sheriff’s office posted on their Facebook page recounting the story. "We have to say this is a first here in Autauga County to find goats in a church!"


(Autauga County Sheriff's Office )

The owner of the goats was located and was able to wrangle them back home.

No word on if flooding across Alabama on Wednesday played a factor in their adventure.