Good Samaritan rescues driver from fiery crash in Joliet

A good Samaritan truck driver rescued another driver who crashed into a light pole in Joliet Wednesday night.

At about 10:06 p.m., the Joliet Fire Department responded to a crash on Laraway Road near Paterson Road.

Upon arrival, fire officials located a vehicle that was fully engulfed in fire with a concrete light pole on top of it.

Prior to officials arriving, a semi-truck driver, who was passing by, stopped and pulled the driver out of the vehicle that was on fire.

The truck driver then attempted to extinguish the fire with his fire extinguisher.

The driver of the vehicle was unable to get out of the vehicle on his own due to an altered level of consciousness from the crash, Joliet Fire officials said. If the truck driver did not stop and pull the driver out of the vehicle, it is likely the driver would have died.

The fire was eventually extinguished by Joliet firefighters and the vehicle's driver was transported to an area hospital in good condition.