Groom dislikes bride's dress and asks Reddit if he's wrong for telling her: 'Little disappointed'

Honesty wasn’t the best policy for one Reddit user who is supposed to get married.

An anonymous groom shared a story about a rough patch he is going through with his bride-to-be over a wedding gown.

In a popular subreddit where users get to vote on who is wrong in a civil dispute, the groom explained he’s not a fan of the dress she purchased for their big day.

The fiancée had reportedly been searching for her dress for a few months, according to the groom’s account.

"She found the dress she loved and bought it, and was too excited to keep it a secret. She showed me pics of the bridesmaids dresses and I told her they were pretty, they match my groomsmen’s suits really well," the groom wrote. "Anyway, she brought her dress out and asked what I thought. I specifically asked her if she wants the God's honest truth and wants me to critique the dress or if she knows she loves it and just wants to show me. She said she wanted my opinion."

However, when the groom’s fiancée tried on her gown and stepped out to show him, he described his first thought as being a "little disappointed."

Prior to her purchase, the fiancée had shown the groom inspiration photos of "body-hugging sexy dresses" to fit their whimsical forest theme, which is what he was expecting. Instead, she opted for a full ball gown.

"She's a beautiful woman and looks incredible in anything of course, but the dress completely dwarfed her and didn't really fit the wedding theme she has worked so hard for," the groom explained. "But she chose a super sparkly dress with a HUGE skirt… She picked basically a huge Disney princess dress and I just didn't like how it looked at all."

He eventually told his fiancée that he did not like the dress because he thought it didn’t match her along with his aversion to the "poof and sparkle."

"She got really quiet and stormed back upstairs, and then stormed out of the house and went to her Moms," the groom-to-be wrote while detailing that he had received a strongly-worded text and was subsequently blocked by his fiancée.

He went on to say this spat is the couple’s "first major fight" and that he was annoyed because he had asked if she wanted his "real opinion" in the first place.

When Redditors asked for more detail, the groom updated his post to say that he found out the dress had cost $9,000 when he checked his credit card statement, which he admits might have played a role in his fiancée’s reaction. Their wedding is only nine months away.


The thread’s top commenter called out the groom for his insensitivity and lack of forethought.

"What possible good could come of telling her you don’t like the dress SHE ALREADY BOUGHT," the top commenter wrote. "Advice: tell her that with some minor alterations you would love it. That it was just that it didn’t fit quite right or that some of the sparkles were wrong. Pick something SHE CAN FIX. Then maybe you can save her feelings."

Another Redditor questioned whether the groom has voiced opinions that have opposed his fiancée before in light of her response.

"Do you have a history of ‘brutal honesty’ with her when she asks your opinions? It sounds like she was unprepared for the possibility of negative feedback," the commenter suggested. "If you're usually more tactful than that, then this was definitely not the moment to stop."

While the thread consists of more than 3,000 comments thus far, and most Reddit users wrote that they think the groom was wrong, some users actually expressed that they think the fiancée is wrong as well for her behavior.

"Punishing your partner for having opinions that don't completely match yours. Genuinely unbelievable," one commenter wrote.

"She could have just said, ‘I'm so excited about my dress. Let me show it to you,’" another user argued. "I hope your finance learns to communicate better and this doesn't end up plaguing you for years."

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