Group of dogs rescued from Dominica cleared for adoption by PAWS Chicago

Twelve dogs who were rescued from the small Caribbean Island of Dominica are now ready to find their forever homes, thanks to PAWS Chicago.

Seventy-nine dogs and cats were found on the island and some were in terrible condition. PAWS said the animals were abused, tortured, beaten, poisoned or left for dead before they were taken in by Dominica's only animal shelter.

However, that shelter was forced to close, which resulted in an emergency rescue from the Wings of Rescue. 

On Wednesday, PAWS announced the first group of dogs would be taken to its Lincoln Park Adoption Center in the coming days to find their potential forever homes. 

Among the dogs being put up for adoption at the Lincoln Park location is Paleta, Wesley and Amiga. You can learn more about the dogs below: 

  • Paleta – Part of a litter born under a house in Dominica. The house owner threatened to drown the dogs in a nearby river but the island shelter was able to arrive at the house in time to save the puppies.
  • Wesley – Wesley and his sister were found dumped in the garbage on the island.
  • Amiga – She was rescued near a school, found hairless and infected with severe mange

The rescued dogs have already received medical attention. Some of the 79 dogs are too young to be adopted and some are still in need of further medical treatment or surgery from PAWS' veterinary team. 

If you would like to help the animal shelter, you can do so by adopting any cat or dog in the program to help house more pets. You can also sign up to foster a pet or make a donation. Learn more at