PAWS Chicago rescues dozens of tortured dogs and cats from Dominica

PAWS Chicago is helping furry friends find their forever home after making a large rescue this weekend.

The organization now has 79 additional dogs and cats in their possession from the small Caribbean Island of Dominica.

On the island, most of them were horrifically abused, tortured, beaten, poisoned and left for dead before the island’s only animal shelter took them in. Now, that animal shelter was forced to close, resulting in an emergency rescue mission through Wings of Rescue.

The animals arrived in Chicago on Saturday on a donated flight and immediately began treatment.

One of the animals that was taken in was a stray dog who was searching for food near a restaurant’s garbage and was beaten and kicked, resulting in four broken ribs and a fractured leg.

Some cats were rescued from the meat trade as well as kittens that were thrown in the river.

PAWS CEO says the organization knew it had to help.

"We’ve been blown away by how resilient and trusting and loving all of the animals are. That’s going to be great because they will find homes despite what they have suffered," said Susana Wickham, PAWS CEO. "We know since our community responds to the call for help, we know that these animals will find homes."

PAWS says Chicagoans can help by adopting any cat or dog in the program, which makes room for more pets. You can also sign up to foster a pet or donate to rescue efforts.

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