Gun Owners Face Delays in Obtaining Concealed Carry Permit Renewals

The wait to get a firearm permit in Illinois is back down to pre-pandemic levels.

At one point, firearm owners were reporting it took two years to receive a FOID card. But now, there’s a new issue: delayed Concealed Carry License renewals.

Firearm instructors are reporting those wanting to renew their CCL are facing wait times of six months to a year. They say Illinois State Police are going well over the 120-day limit to process and send out certifications.


Gun owners must renew with CCL every five years and take a three-hour refresher course before it expires.

"There's not enough focus put on [the fact that] most firearms owners are very concerned with operating within the confines of the laws, so their biggest concern is being able to exercise their Second Amendment rights within the law established by the Illinois state police," said Kevin Arias, a firearm instructor with Guardian Personal Defense Training.

The Illinois State Police tell FOX 32, "Since the middle of January, ISP has met all statutory turnaround times for processing new FOID and CCL applications, as well as FOID renewals. Since April 20, ISP also has met the statutory turnaround times for CCL renewals."

Here is a timetable of deadlines, Illinois State Police must follow, according to law, for permits and renewals:

  • FOID new – 30 calendar days
  • FOID renewal – 60 business days
  • CCL – 90 days with fingerprint
  • CCL – 120 days without fingerprint